Does long term e-cigarette use help you quit smoking? A key study sheds light

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Featured, Health, Statistics

According to a key study on 2,028 smokers in the USA, e-cigarettes do help smokers quit. The results of this study published in the Tobacco Control Journal, part of the British Medical Journals, showed that long-term e-cigarette users were more likely to quit smoking (42.4%) than those who attempted to quit without the use of e-cigarettes (15.6%). As one can see those who attempted to quit without e-cigarettes were very unlikely to succeed, with poor quit rates of 15.6%. Importantly, use of e-cigarettes as a cessation aid to stop smoking was better than other pharmacological alternatives available in the industry.

Concluding points:

  • Long term e-cigarette use, unlike short term e-cigarette use, aids smoking cessation.
  • Use of e-cigarettes is more likely to aid in quitting smoking than other pharmacological alternatives one can purchase from pharmacies such as nicotine replacement patches

This is a redacted version highlighting the main talking points of a scientific study by Zhuang et al (2016) and published in the Tobacco Control Journal. If you wish to read the abstract or full study, kindly click here.

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