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Smart ® electronic cigarettes is a European brand founded in Malta, that markets easy-to-use electronic cigarettes and eLiquids. Smart ® eCigarettes are ideal for those transitioning from tobacco smoking to vaping for the first time requiring no prior technical knowledge or assistance to use.

Smart ® electronic cigarettes can be purchased from leading retail outlets and soon also from our online store.



Creating Vapor

The function of the atomizer is to store the eLiquid poured inside its tank which is than vaporized by the same atomizer when connected and powered via a compatible battery. Smart ® offers three atomizer options, Smart ® Atomizer One, Smart ® Atomizer Two and Smart ® Clearomizer.
The Smart ® Atomizer One comes as standard with the starter kit and twist kit. eLiquid is easily filled by unscrewing the mouthpiece and pouring the liquid in the tank making sure not to fill in the middle atomizer needle. The Smart ® Atomizer needs to be replaced with a new one when the internal coil burns out. This is noticeable, when the desired vapour taste changes, usually after 3- 4 weeks of daily use. View instructions by clicking here.
The Smart ® Atomizer Two is an upgradeable atomizer featuring a cotton-less wick element. It can be purchased separately and is compatible with all Smart ® batteries including the Twist batteries. Just like the Atomizer One, it must be changed once there is a loss of the desired vapour taste, with the average life span being of one month of daily use. View instructions by clicking here.
The Smart ® Clearomizer is intended as an alternative to the atomizers. It features upgraded heating and anti-leaking components and a replaceable atomizing coil. So once the coil is burnt, you only need to change the coil, instead of the whole atomizer! View instructions by clicking here.


Powering the device

Smart ® batteries come in two different options: the standard battery and the twist battery. Both version come in three different capacities- 650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh. The higher the battery capacity the longer the vaping time following a full charge. So former heavy smokers (e.g. a packet or more a day) should opt for the higher 1100mAh battery capacities. The battery is easily screwed to any Smart ® Atomizer or Clearomizer.

Standard Batteries

650mAh – Small
Ideal for former mild smokers who will only vape infrequently over one day.

900mAh – Medium
Ideal for former moderate smokers who will vape routinely over one day.

1100mAh – Large
Ideal for former moderate to heavy smokers (pack of cigarettes a day or more) who will vape frequently over one day.

Twist Batteries

The Twist batteries come in the same three different capacities as the standard Smart ® batteries however feature a variable voltage mode. The user may adjust the voltage output of the battery from a rotator at the base of the battery.

Increasing the voltage (max. 4.8V), increases the vapour produced from the atomizer while lowering the voltage (min. 3.2V) decreases the vapour produced. The Twist batteries are ideal for those who want control over their vaping experience.


Taste & Flair

The eLiquid refers to the flavoured liquid mixture poured inside the atomizer tank and converted into vapour by the atomizer. Smart® eLiquids come in a range of tobacco and fruit flavours at different nicotine strengths to satisfy your cravings. View instruction leaflet by clicking here.

Not sure on eLiquid mix?

nicotine strengths

Not sure what nicotine strength to select? Click here.

fixing up a Smart® e-cigarette

fixing up a Smart®


Step 01.
Unscrew the mouthpiece and pour contents of eLiquid into Atomizer. Make sure not to pour liquid in the middle atomizer needle.


Step 02.
Connect the Atomizer to the Battery.
Step 03.
Switch on the eCigarette by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession.

Visit our dedicated online store to purchase
your Smart® eCigarette and eLiquid today!

Visit our online store to purchase
your Smart® eCigarette and eLiquid today!


Smart ® electronic cigarettes and e-liquids undergo a series of quality and assurance testing before they are placed in the market. Smart ® eliquids are laboratory tested not only by the manufacturer but also by an independent entity not linked to Smart ® electronic cigarettes. This ensures the most transparent manner of testing whereby conflict of interest is eliminated. All products under the Smart ® brand comply with the latest EU directives and produced to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

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