Misconceptions of exploding e-cigs and tips to avoid the risks

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Health, Statistics, Vaping

In this article we shall unravel the misnomers and provide you with tips how to avoid the RARE risk of explosion.

The basics…

E-cigarettes require a battery in order to power the device. The battery is made up of a chemical known as Lithium- ion, the same technology which is found in pretty much all electronic devices including mobile phones. ALL electronics have a risk of exploding and therefore the risk of battery explosion is not an inherent risk of e-cigarettes but of practically all electronics powered by a battery.

How frequent do they explode?

Not frequent at all. In fact, it is very rare that e-cig batteries explode, however as with everything else, it is the few which do that make it to the rounds in the media and on YouTube. In fact, in the US, between 2009 and 2014 only 25 incidents were reported. In any case, 80% of cases occur when the battery is being charged and not in use.

How does the battery explode?

Lithium-ion batteries can short-circuit resulting in overheating, fire and threat of explosion.

10 tips to prevent the RARE possibility of battery explosion.

  1. When using rechargeable batteries in your MODS use IMR (Lithium Manganese) batteries which are considered to have a safer chemistry.
  2. Use high-quality chargers with protection against overcharging. Most e-cigarettes nowadays have an in-built protection against over- charging.
  3. Do not stack two batteries for high voltage in your mechanical MODs
  4. Purchase e-cigarettes having a high battery capacity with protective circuit features.
  5. Avoid rubbing e-cigarette batteries with metallic objects (e.g. holding batteries exposed in your pocket with keys or coins as this may result in a short-circuit.
  6. Do not drop batteries or MODs as this may damage the in-built protection features.
  7. Never over charge an e-cig battery / MOD or leave charging overnight.
  8. Never expose batteries / MODs to water
  9. Do not put an e-cig battery / MOD next to a device emitting heat including heaters or in direct sunlight. For example, do not leave your e-cig on a car dashboard in direct sunlight.
  10. If you suspect damage to the battery / MOD get a new one. If you notice that a battery is overheating, either when charging or when in use, replace immediately.

Is it safe to vape despite the risk posed by lithium- ion batteries?

In the 21st century we are surrounded by Lithium-ion battery sources including those found in laptops and mobile phones. This risk does not stop us from using them. Same applies for e-cigarettes. While the risk of explosion is extremely rare, it is essential that one learns how to safely use lithium- ion batteries and follow the tips above in order to minimize the risk which is NOT EXCLUSIVE TO E-CIGARETTES BUT INHERENT TO PRACTICALLY ALL ELECTRONICS.

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